Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Skiers!

This Wednesday we are going to try something totally NEW! A "marathon lap ski INTO THE DARK"  (3:30-5 pm) at Grafton.  TO keep it fun/ interesting - we will do including pair or small group lap counting, maybe teams, relay, bell laps, games in the middle.

Plan to ski on skate skis or waxless classic skis- please note we will NOT be waxing for kick.


We are thinking music would be a HUGE incentive! For this, we could use a boom box out on the snow. Does anyone have one with enough volume capability to share?  Everyone would be very grateful!


There might even be a bonfire with marshmallows!

The race schedule of our So. VT district will be ready very soon. Please keep an eye out for the finalized schedule. Please note that our Putney BKL Club will be hosting two CLASSIC events ( one of which will be held at Grafton Ponds).  Please mark your calendars!

Your Nordic Word of the Week:   SNORFROST- Swedish word for the frozen snot, often forming icicles on the nose, beard, upper lip and chin of a cross country skier.

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