Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Skiers!

PUTNEY SKIING AT ITS BEST TODAY!  Great fun today at SLATS (Secret Low Altitude Training Site)!  An amazing Putney ski experience! Hearty and Happy Skiers all. Any idea who completed the most laps?

Did you know that these fields right here where we live are among the best places in the WORLD to learn to ski!

Hans  and PETE did a great job setting up and thank PETE for the Bonfire... the temps were around 6 degrees as we departed.


Kirsten Jeppesen had the older kids fast stepping turns on the big hill. THANKS KIRSTEN!

Hans had his usual parade of middle schoolers and the littlest skiers were playing games and having at the jump with Diny, DIana and Kristin.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Will have to have more marshmallows on hand next week!

See you all next Wednesday!

Remember Thursday Extra Practice is Biathalon training at Grafton!  Please contact Jack Bell for setails.

Keep your eyes out for weekend race details immediately following!

Ski far and ski some more!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteers Coaches!

CONSIDER THIS (for when the weather warms up): Roller Skiing - The 1950s Sports Craze! - YouTube

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