Friday, February 1, 2013

From Kristin Dawley

Anyone interested in hiking up Mount Monadnock on Saturday instead? 

This is the 35th year of the annual Groundhog Hike up Mount Monadnock.  Jack's dad and a group of fellow hikers started this hike many years ago. 

Meet at MacDonald's at 8:00 (if it pleases you) for pictures and camaraderie.
Be at Old Toll Road by 9:00 for pictures and start. Up OTR to HalfWay House site, then White Arrow to summit. Down White Arrow and/or SideFoot Trail to field.

Crampons would be good / essential unless you're looking for added excitement. 

 Hi temp @ 21, sw wind @ 11mph, wind chill -8
This forecast is for Jaffrey. Dress up.

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