Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello Skiers!

How was your ski? Thank you all for a great day of skiing and the first Putney Lolli-loppet!  Wouldn't it be fun if this  event became an annual tradition!? Much community skiing has happened on the Putney School trails over their long history, and how meaningful it would be to add another!

The trails of the Putney 10k offer some of the most challenging skiing anywhere. It's a great place to develop the crucial SKIING skills needed for the added fun that comes with skiing well! A bit different than what it takes to get up and down most race and touring courses - don't you think?

A big THANK YOU to all the West River skiers who got up early for the drive to Putney to join us and THREE CHEERS to the young skier who braved injury from her ski pole! 

A THOUSAND THANK YOUS to our Putney skiers and their parents for making this event happen!  When the tent goes up then you know we are serious about having a fun, long  day of skiing! Reports just in have a very young skier finishing the entire 10k in 4 hours! Everyone else was gone, but a lollipop was waiting!

Thank you to Carrie, Pete, Mark, Camilla, Jack, Kristin ( great brownies!), Amanda, Ross, Lynne, Jennifer, David, Zach (for the wax recs), Mike Collins for the very tight Norwegian forerunning, and to Hans for getting out early to set flags and test the wax!  Did we forget anyone?

HUGE THANKS to Noah Hoskins for grooming, and to Mike Keim and Cara Stickney for helping us put this on, and to the Putney School for supporting this huge uptick of interest in community based Nordic Skiing!

See you soon!

Ski far and ski some more,

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

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