Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday Practice

Hello Skiers!

Practice this Wednesday will take place on the Putney School Trails.

Given the weather, we want to change the Wed practice to "likely freestyle." If there is a real mix of snow and sleet, etc, waxing will be too complicated and time consuming to make it worth it. and the skating will be great.  Kids could bring waxless touring skis and skate skis,  if they want.

In honor of the US Women's team World Cup Victory, we'd like to run a fun mixed-team relay as the whole group activity--with some slalom and maybe a jump or two thrown in for FUN!

PLEASE STAY TUNED  for a final call on Wed morning....if it is all snow and we get more than a few inches of it by Wed. afternoon (unlikely).... and there is no grooming....well, that will make skating difficult and we will want to be waxing and classic skiing!!! This will be a tough call. We will send a message out around 11am.

ROAD CONDITIONS - There is a chance roads will be bad on Wed. too. Please do not venture out if the roads seem too messy for your comfort level!

We'll keep you posted.

Looking forward to skiing again!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

PS : Who is participating in SKI for Ks?  Surely more than the two responses I've had thus far!!  Please let me know ASAP!!

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