Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello skiers!

It is hard to believe our season is OFFICIALLY over when there is still so much more skiing out there!  More snow on Tuesday - we hope you will all go out and enjoy it!

Let's wish Hans and family a super happy and adventure filled year in  Kazakhstan!! WE will miss them!!



Jack Bell would like to continue with the communication through the spring and summer months regarding opportunities to get together for hiking, running, and mountain biking. Please let Jack know if you prefer NOT to be included in that list.

Our season ending event was held at Grafton Ponds in conjunction with their super fun Leprechaun Leap!  Fun events, races and hotdogs for all!  Many skiers participated including several who are new to the sport and curious about next year!  We'd like to thank Bill Salmon, Hannah, Wendell, and Betsy for putting on a super event and a HUGE THANKS to the Grooming Crew for making the skiing super fast!  See you next year!

Certificates, Medals and Equipment!

We have participation Certificates for everyone and Medals for those in the Sii for Ks program. Eric will leave all of these with Deb at her office at The Grammar School. Please pick up yours when you stop by to return your uniforms and/or rental equipment.

Please return your equipment to Deb Gray as soon as possible!! Please launder the suits!  And cover skis with storage wax if possible!

Congratulations to all and a huge round of applause to all you parents for supporting your kids in this great sport and winter activity!

Thanks for a great season!!

Ski far and ski some more!

See you in November!!

Eric, Hans and the Volunteer Coaches

REMINDER!! If you would like to be removed from the "master" BKL list, please let Eric know! Otherwise you will continue to receive these messages when the snow falls next year!!

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