Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please Join us Friday, December 14th at 6pm for BKL Family Waxing 101 and Pizza Night!  

This will be a hands-on opportunity for kids, and adults to learn how to hot wax your own race skis yourself, with the guidance from the experts at West Hill Shop .  Learn the latest "fast ski" tips, and efficient methods for easy ski care.  

$15 dollars for Pizza AND waxed skis and good fun!  What a deal!!  Thanks Jim and Diny and the gang at West Hill!   

West Hill Shop will provide the wax and tools and several waxing stations, and you provide the elbow grease.  You will develop glide waxing technique and confidence from practicing the repetitive steps.  With all hands on deck, we should be able to get everyone's skis tuned-up and race ready.  Only bring one set of waxable skis, please. 

We need to know you are coming, so we ask that you pre-register by emailing or calling 802-387-5718.

This a is a great timely addition to our calendar!  Please keep an eye out for other dates as they become determined.

Looking forward to a great Season!

Eric, Hans and the Volunteer Coaches

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