Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello Racers!

We are all looking forward to a great race tomorrow.

Please join us for a race waxing prep /pizza night at Putney School tomorrow (Sat) 5-7pm.

Please RSVP to Jack Bell:  Jack Bell <>

See you then!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

Hi All, Some last minute Details:

First, Huge thanks to Eric  outstanding pour-it-on communications, I think everything has come together (if everyone shows up!).  And huge thanks to you all--nothing could happen without you! Jobs and meeting times (places are below).  Look forward to it!

Timing:  Please show up on time by 9:30...haha....Hand timing  with 4-5 (Jobs: timer, time recorder (1 or 2), order of finish recorder, runner and back up)

Course info Draft attached--please let me know of changes asap--will send it out this evening to coaches.

Format: Waves of 10--off registrations sheets, girls follow boys by 1 minute

Snow Conditions:  well-transformed snow and about 30 degrees predicted (very stable temp at 30 over preceding 12 hours)  --will likely be purple-range klister--perhaps covered with hard wax.  We may get a trace of new snow.  Kick Wax: we will wax from 9-10 at the race.  Kid's kick zones should come scraped clean--or melt/cork in a thin Swix VG 35 binder (optional--for longer races).  Glide wax: tips and tails-- CH 8 or equivalent--  scrape and brush well.

Weather Conditions:  HIGH WIND ALERT!! Wind should pick up from the west and is predicted blow at 20 mph, gusting to 30-40 during race time.  Though the temps will be mildish, they will drop through the afternoon and wind chill could be brutal.  Workers should way overdress.  Maybe we should consider a race loop direction change, so skiers get a tail -wind in the field? (.....or leave it how it is for maximum character building?)  Any votes?
Jan 20 2013

Chief of Race and MC—Hans
Chief of Communication/ BKL coach—Eric
Chief of course —Bill/Hans

Registration table/ bib handout / $ collection (meet at 8:30 in equipment building)  Sally, Camilla, Amanda Thurber
Course and Grooming--Bill
Course map and Race INFO-  Hans
Stadium set-up take down (meet at 8:30 at start finish) Jack, Pete?Eric, Mark, Tarmy
Lollipoppers (meet at 9:30 am with lollipops)- Rachel, Diana
Start finish (marshal and bib collection--meet at 9:45 at start/finish) Diana ( Course Marshal), Erin Taylor,
Putney BKL Waxing coach (Meet at wax room at 9?)  Zach, Chris, Diana, Jack
Timing (Meet at start finish by (9:30)Jan Maes, Misha, Lynne, Carrie, Joe
Results (meet at registration at 9:30)  Jennifer Dolce, Curtis Taylor, Carrie
Awards (ribbons/ lollipops, door prizes?)--right after 8th grade finish locathin TBD--   Hans and Eric to hand out ribbons. One additional person to help organize
Refreshments Farm stand- honor system! No humans needed.

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