Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello Skiers!!

WOW as in WOW!! 

Thank you to EVERYONE for making today's race a huge success! Our APPLAUSE goes out to all the skiers, who all skied their hearts out! While too many in number to name here, we extend our hearty congratulations!  Please see the attached results!

BKL - Putney/Grafton Ponds results 1/20/13

One notable highlight was a 3/4 skier ( you know who you are!)  barreling down the hill off Runaround and while seeming to loose balance and miss the track for the downhill, instead veered off sharply in a launch down the tubing hill!!  We want to assure this skier that our laughter from the sidelines grew only  from amazement at the sight we had just witnessed! It was WITH you not AT you!  It should be noted this skier navigated the strictly off-limits to skiers tubing hill with great aplomb and then reappeared for a very successful turn in the 5/6 race!  That individual's good humor and determination sums up the attitude of this entire team!!! 

An event of this scale is successful because of the depth of commitment from the PARENTS!!!  Thank you to all came! Three cheers to all who invested their time in this event!

We are also greatly appreciative of all the coaches, parents and skiers from Prospect, West River, Stratton Mountain School, and Dublin School who made the trek over to Grafton today for our event! Thanks for a GREAT DAY OF SKIING!

Below is list of our volunteers today. We sincerely hope we did not miss anyone- there were so many!

Zach Caldwell and his crew mate Chris Northcott  set the tone of the day with the right wax selections.  THANK YOU GUYS!  Check out Caldwell Sport here and learn more about he made a science of wax selection! Caldwell Sport|

Sally Seymour, Camilla Tarmy,  and Ledje Hornsby headed up the incredibly efficient registration desk - a marvel of organization! Thank YOU!!

Hans knows how to run the whole thing!! YAY HANS!!

Eric and Curtis Taylor - thank you for everything today!

Jack Bell made himself available at every possible moment!

Misha and Lynee Boudreau Golfman - thank you for all you help!

West Hill Shop in Putney, always thinking outside the ski track, was super generous, offering the prizes in each category! Keep the next week's waxing clinic in mind West Hill Shop: Bicycles, Nordic Skis, and Everything Related in Putney, VT since 1971.


Diana Whitney was a keen-eyed course marshal and kept this Putney classic race from turning into a skate race up the hill at runaround!

Mark Tarmy - last to leave- our set up and take down guy!  Thank you!

Joe Echanis - a key component of the crew!

THANK YOU to Rachel Aho and Diana Whitney for making the lollipop race great fun! 


Jennifer Dolce - thank you for all your support!

Amanda Thurber -  Thank you Thank you!

Jan Maes-  Thank you for being on hand!!

Carrie Ritson was a crucial piece of the awards ceremony!  Thanks for keeping those ribbons in order!

We can't thank Bill Salmon and the crew at Grafton Ponds enough for hosting our even!  Put Grafton Ponds in your favorites bar! Grafton Ponds at the Grafton Inn, Vermont : Outdoor Recreation : Nordic Skiing : Mountain Biking

Again,  our thanks to all!!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

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