Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello Skiers!

Just a quick word about the Prospect race this Saturday. We encourage anyone who's interested in racing to come. It's going to be chilly, so please dress warmly. Make sure you have a hat that covers your ears and warm mittens or gloves that fit into your pole straps.

Please consider joining us for a BKL team waxing party from 7pm to 8 pm on Friday Night at the Putney School to get you skis up to speed!  Please meet at the athletic center.

If you can't join us please keep the following in mind: because the snow is likely to be quite cold and therefore slow, we recommend hot-waxing your glide areas with a cold hard wax like Swix green (CH4) or Toko blue. Your iron should be about 300 degrees F, keep it moving so you don't melt the p-tex on the bottom of your skis, let the wax cool for 10-30 minutes, then scrape and brush thoroughly.  Please leave your kick zones clean and we can apply kick wax on site.

Prospect is on Route 9, approximately 45 minutes west of Brattleboro. From the east, take exit 2 off of I-91 in Brattleboro. Travel west on Route 9 towards Wilmington. Go straight through Wilmington and continue west on Route 9 for about 14 miles. Prospect Mountain Cross-Country Ski Center will be on your left. 

It would be a good idea to arrive between 9 and 9:15 (9:30 at the latest) so you have time to register and ski the course.

And please consider staying on to enjoy the wonderful trails at Prospect. Some of the finest in VT!

Looking forward to a good day of skiing!

Eric, Hans and the Volunteer Coaches

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