Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello Skiers!

What wonderful day for a race at Prospect yesterday! Two years ago it was bitterly cold. Last year, well, was last year. This year the temps and conditions were perfect for classic skiing!

We had a super turn out with great skiing from a really deep group of teammates all of whom skied their hearts out! BIG CHEERS TO: Dariel, Danya, Mathias, Lucas, Darius, Beau, Maddie, Liza, Sadie B., Caroline, Sylvie, Emmett, Katherine, Willem, Henry, Ava, and Carmine We sincerely hope we didn't leave anyone off this list- there were so many kids!

Some could be seen sporting a hard-earned "snorfrost" and all came away with their best performances ever! Most heartening, and a true reward for us coaches, was to see the enormous and spontaneous group hug following the ribbon ceremony! A real testament to the support for the families and the hard work and togetherness these kids feel as a team! GREAT JOB everyone!

We are sending out a huge thanks to the Bob and Simon and all the folks at Prospect for putting on yet another superb event! THANK YOU!

Our Putney team and club is gearing up for hosting the first of our two races this season, the first being January 20th. Mark your calendars. If you haven't tried racing and would like to have a lot of fun really fast, please consider coming out that day! You'll be surprised!

See you on Wednesday!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

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