Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Skiers-

YAY SNOW -- OH no ice.....There is some icy stuff on the way tonight.

If the conditions allow and the roads are safe enough for travel in the afternoon (we expect they will be so), we will hold practice at Pages Field at the Putney School. We will meet on the Putney School Soccer field adjacent to the Main Drive at 3:15-3:30 for warm up etc. Pages Field is the big field opposite the Putney School across Houghton Brook Rd.

Temps will reach 50 degrees and winds could be strong at times. Hats are always a good idea and windbreakers will be necessary.

It could be a great day for skate skiing on a big open field!

See you tomorrow!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our area for freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning. This event is expected to provide us with 1/4" of ice accumalation.

For Wednesday, a significant rain event has been forecasted, with increased flooding potential due to warming temperatures and a forecasted 1"-3" of rain throughout the day, and extending into Wednesday night.

Winds are expected to become an issue during the afternoon Wednesday, with gusts expected to reach 40-60 mph

No additional information at this time, but update is scheduled for tomorrow at 1200 hours at the latest. As updated information is obtained, it will be forwarded in a timely fashion.

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