Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your Nordic Word(s) of the Week- Lumi - Snow in Finnish:
Finnish language has 40 individual words for snow and icy precipitation!  Here are a few.....viti is what we are delighting in currently!  And, yes, there is a message after the list!

iljanne: a thin layer of snow atop ice

hanki: a even layer of snow on the ground, esp. if enough for skiing

härmä: frost

kinos: snow drift; a loose pile of snow, esp. one formed by wind

kuura: hoarfrost; frozen dew

nietos: a large, hard pile of snow (may be refrozen)

nuoska: "snowballable" snow, usually formed when powdery snow melts a bit

polanne: a hard layer of compacted snow

tykky: large chunks of snow, esp. when frozen onto trees

viti: freshly fallen powdery snow

Hello Skiers!

Looks like we have some new snow (viti) to play with!  The temps are expected to reach almost 50 degrees on Wednesday.

Please stay tuned for a venue decision. Hans and I will announce our plans tomorrow afternoon/evening!

Hope everyone can ski tomorrow while the snow is still fresh!  If the temps get too high it will turn to klossakko: slush

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

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