Monday, March 4, 2013


Thank you for making Thursday practices such a great time this winter!  We wound up with 21 kids (if my count is right) taking part in races and 19 of them were at Wild Wings Saturday: Henry, Eliza, Maddie, Mathias, Liza, Danya, Sylvie, Emmet, Warren, David, Sadie, Catherine, Caroline,Holton, Lucas, Darius, Beau, and Willem. Bella Thurber somehow escaped the photo but was at the race and Gunnar and Dariel couldn’t make it to Wild Wings, but were at many events all winter. The turnout Saturday was not a fluke and most of this group was routinely at both weekly practices and weekend races. All these kids made big strides through the season and the repeated refrain of “ from Putney, from Putney, from Putney” during awards often inspired spontaneous group hugs/pig piles and photos like the one below.

It was a great gift to have all the time, energy, and fun you each brought to Thursday practices this year. Your contributions made the difference in providing the extra time for these kids to grow their skills and more deeply bond as a team and good friends.     

Especially with Hans’ roaming other mountains next year, I’m sure Putney BKL will be anxious to engage your talents and enthusiasm again.  And, if you’d like to do some skiing with this group in March, just let me know.  We plan to be out there! 

Thanks again –


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