Sunday, March 3, 2013

 Hello post-season Skiers,

We are in the process of handing off communication for the post season to Jack and Kristin. While we work out the PC to Mac glitches regarding address transfer, I am placing all the active names in a one time CC. We hope you will pardon the long list.

Kristin Bell will lead a tour on Monday on Dusty Ridge tomorrow.  Meet in the field between 3:15 / 3:30.  We'll head into the woods for an adventure.

Please contact Kristin with any questions!

Have a great Ski!


Your Nordic Word of the Week- Hans: A name of Dutch, Norwegian, and German origin; our steadfast coach of beautiful technique, and a newly discovered acronym: HANS: Happily Advancing Nordic Skiing! Thank you for a great SEASON!!!Hans will be off on an adventure with his family next year to KAZAKHSTAN! WE ARE GOING TO MISS HIS GUIDANCE!!! Let's wish Happy Trails and good skiing to Hans, Zoe, Isabel, and Darius!! We hear the skiing out there in that part of the world is great and will only get better once Hans shows them how to do it!! Hans - we all wish you and your family a safe and fulfilling adventure and welcome you back as soon as possible!!

Saturday's Race at Wild Wings!

WE thank the many committed parents and coaches of the WEST HILL TEAM for putting on such a great event. Thank you John Ogden and his crew! WILD WINGS has a great course and we are appreciative of their commitment to classic skiing. IT is the real deal. We at PUTNEY love that, and WE are HUGELY jealous of all the snow they have received! We took full advantage of the conditions and the course was impeccable. Tough to wax for sure!! One temp below, another climate altogether up top! Putney Skiers smiled their way through for fantastic finishes all!!

Let's hear it for: Beau, Darius, Liza, Sadie, Danya, Mathias, Henry, Bella, Willem, Holton, Lucas, Sylvie, Katherine, Sadie, David, Maddie, Emmett, Caroline, Eliza, and Warren!!

More good stuff below! Keep going!

End of Season!!

That's it Folks!! Our last scheduled race. An official end to the season! BUT WAIT! There is still much skiing to be had in March. There will be informal practices and get togethers as long as the snow lasts... and...

DONT FORGET THE SKIATHON on MARCH 16!! Stay Tuned for Details! WE have medals for Ski for Ks that day!! YAY!!

Eric is going to hand over the post season communication to Jack and Kristin Bell, parents of Liza and Sadie. They will keep you informed about March and April skiing and transition you into the biking season!! Please let them know if you would not like to be on that list. So great to keep moving!!!

Thank YOUs.... There are so many....take a look and see what it takes to run a program like this one!! We cannot possibly list everyone!! And hope we did not omit any key figure!

Thank you PARENTS!!! We had 45 skiers join us this season, 20 of whom participated in the races for faster fun! What we see is 45 sets of very committed parents! WE THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.

Nordic skiing is a great sport for kids! Through the activity, the learning, the fun, and the time spent in the woods and fields in winter they find TRUE aspects of themselves. It has been an IMMENSE pleasure to work with these kids and help them ski!! Thank you for that!!

SPECIAL Thanks to:

Jack and Kristin!!


Chris and Kate!!

Zach and Amy!!


Race Volunteers!


Bill Salmon!


Grafton Ponds!

Mike Keim!

Diana Whitney!

Mike Collins!

Leah Toffolon!

Kirstin Jeppesen!

Tim Weed!

Noah Elbers!

Noah Hoskins!

Mary Heller Osgood!

Chris Osgood!

Deb Gray!

Sally Seymour!



Caldwell Sport!

Chris Harlow!

Pete Guenther!!

West Hill Shop!

The Grammar School!

The Putney School!

Please remember to return your gear when you have finished skiing in the next few weeks!!

Keep an eye out for updates!

Wish wish you a fine Spring!

Ski far and ski some more!!

SEE you next WINTER!!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

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