Monday, January 14, 2013

Your Nordic Word of the Week is Rottefella - Norwegian for "rat trap." The original "rat trap" toe binding was invented by Bror With in 1927, and was the standard cross country binding for over 50 years until it was replaced by the NNN binding. Rottlefella is the brand name of the Norwegian ski binding manufacturer.

Hello Skiers! Lots to catch up on in this message! Please keep reading!

Parking Safety
We've heard some concerns from one of our neighbors about BKL parking on Weds wanted to send a heads up about parking safety during Wednesday BKL. Parents (including us coaches) are parking on both sides of Hickory Ridge Road, and leaving car doors open, making the road a single lane only.  Someone coming up Hickory Ridge can't readily see the traffic jam of energetic skiers and deeply committed parents as they come over the crest of the hill. We will  put a cone at the top of the hill to give people some warning. Please use the parking in the main TGS and upper school lots. Thank you!

Wednesday, Jan. 16 Practice
Practice this week will be classic. We will meet at Grafton Ponds at 3:15-3:30. We have several fun games and exercises up our sleeves! Isn't that right Hans? At least there will be cookies! Bill Salmon is the Snow-God!

Thursday Extra Practice  - YAY Diana!!
Diana Whitney will lead the Thursday Extra Practice

·         Meet at 3:15 main parking lot of Putney School
·         Bring running shoes and rock skis (skate)
·         If possible we will ski in the lower field below Paige Farm (will confirm later)
·         Otherwise it will be a core strength and running session

Saturday Race Waxing
Race waxing at Putney School Saturday evening  - details forthcoming.

Sunday Race
We are hosting our first of two races this Sunday! Please keep an eye out for separate email with those specific details. Can you volunteer? Would your child like to try a race for fun?  Please keep this weekend in mind! Our success depends on YOU!

See you on Wednesday at Grafton Ponds!

Eric, Hans, and the Volunteer Coaches

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