Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello Skiers and Racers!


Some of the the Green Mountain Boys and Girls from the Putney Ski Club marched to Weston, Mass this weekend to participate in a Revolutionary themed Bill Koch Festival!

We send the Eastern Mass Bill Koch League a twenty-one musket salute for staging a such a smoothly run event on the heels of Friday/Saturday's Blizzard!  A real feat of organization!

Putney Ski Club flew its colors for the first time in many years! 

We had fantastic conditions and an abundance of snow! 24 plus inches on the Weston Ski track!

Zach and Amy Caldwell worked ceaselessly at tuning everyone's skis to suit the changing conditions in the afternoon classic races as the sun brought up the temps!  Thank You ZACH and AMY!! ( color represents the RODE Violet used of a really nice kick! ) for lending the expertise, good humor and confidence needed to assure that great kick and optimum glide and ease at least a few ski-parental anxieties!

WE want to thank the parents who drove down before the storm and those who patiently waited until the driving ban was lifted ( and the one who did not!) and arrived in good time to rest up before the big event!  Thank You Thank YOU: Pete, Sue, Joe, Carrie, Dan, Zoe, Mark, Camilla, Lynne, Misha, Jenn, David, Jack, Kirstin, Zach, Amy, Rachel!  Was anyone forgotten?  Please let us know! Mathias and Danya's grandparents were on hand too!

The skiers all posted outstanding times and personal achievements in their events. REsults will be posted as soon as they are available At one point there were so many Putney skiers on the hay bale podium we were certain it would topple over!  BIG APPLAUSE, HOOTS and HOLLERS to:  Liza, Sadie, Beau, Darius, Danya, Mathias, Lucas, Caroline, Dariel, Gunnar, Maddie, Emmett, Sylvie, Katherine,  WE HOPE WE DIDN"T FORGET ANYONE!!  SO MANY SKIERS to KEEP TRACK OF!


The Putney School's 10 K is groomed.  We'll do our Monday tour on the 10 k tomorrow, leaving from Page's Field at 3:15. Please contact Kristin with any questions!


Our Putney CLub will host the second of out SOVT Division Races this Saturday!  Please keep an eye out for details!  WE really hope you can join in the racing fun!

See you on Wednesday for  great practice on GREAT Snow! Details tomorrow!

Ski far and ski some more!

Eric, Hans and the Volunteer Coaches

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